Our Story

Hello!! We are the founders of SATIS Amber (left) and Hazel (right).

Working at festivals, we had to choose between going to the loo or getting food, the queues for the women were just too long. This was common at every event we went to; from running events to going to the cinema, women had to wait in line.

So, driven by curiosity and a restlessness for a product that solves our own problem, we set out to fight the female toilet queue. 


Our Process

SATIS is designed for women and co-created with women.

This user-centred approach resulted in a product that women actually want and will use.

We constantly test ideas and prototypes with our users. This is important to us as we want to represent all women. 

We are also so excited to be part of a wave of products and services that are being created for women's needs.

We have a vision to abolish gender inequality in our lifetime- how exciting is it that SATIS can be a part of making that happen?!


Our vision is centred on doing good. SATIS is based on the values: efficiency, safety and sustainability. 

We see a future of a more equal society, where everyone's time is important and no one queues for the loo.



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